The Centrum

Many Northwest Houston community leaders worked for years to see the reality of a wonderful cultural center serving as an anchor for the quality of life enrichment. Because of their dedication and hard work, this dream became a reality. In the fall of 1997, The Cypress Creek Christian Community Center’s magnificent new 877-seat performance hall, The Centrum, was completed.

The Centrum, located within the Community Center campus, is an acoustical gem, and Northwest Houston/Harris County area’s premier concert venue. The Centrum is the primary focal point for educational and artistic events for students, children, and adults in northwest Houston. Numerous children’s concerts are held each season. The choirs, bands, and orchestras of the three contiguous school districts, which provide the number “one” top fine arts programs in the state, each holds UIL competitions, and concerts throughout the year in this fine facility.

The Cypress Creek Foundation for the Arts & Community Enrichment (FACE), a non-profit presenting arts foundation, was established in 1997 coinciding with the completion of construction of The Centrum with a mission to provide cultural arts programming in The Centrum for the community. Concerts feature a wide range of the highest caliber national and international classical and popular performing artists and traditional to contemporary, large ensembles to small ensembles, solo performers, new artists and art forms and multi-cultural attractions.

The design team for Centrum was comprised by award-winning Architect, Clovis Heimsath, Kirkegäärd of Boulder Colorado, Acousticians and master organ builder, Manuel Rosales. Kirkegaard designed the acoustics for Tanglewood, the refurbishing of Jones Hall and Rice University’s Stude Concert Hall in Houston and redesign of the acoustics of the Sydney Opera House in Australia among other premier facilities.

Award-winning architects and design team created the Centrum featuring exquisite stained glass. The room is completely unique in that its architectural and acoustical design were conceived and constructed to showcase live performance with acoustics superbly designed for organ, voice, and orchestra. There is no other facility quite like it in the Houston metropolitan area.

Concert Venue
Technical Information

The Sandra Adams Steinway 9’ D Concert Grand Piano
The Allen L-452 Bravura Series Organ

Permanent seated orchestral width risers accommodating up to 210 singers standing;102 seated; 65 piece orchestra
The Centrum Auditorium seating capacity 877
Downstairs fixed theater seating 476
Upstairs fixed theater seating 211
Downstairs individually crafted chair seating 158
Upstairs individually crafted chair seating 34

Visit Northwest Houston Arts Alliance site for more information about performances offered by our Community Partners