Wish List

Critical Needs and Capital Improvements

Item Cost
Replacement of Annex & Forum classroom chairs (200 @ $50 each) $10,000
Interior flat screened digital campus signage $8,000
Marquee Repair (2)e $5,000
Replacement of 35-year-old theater seating in Forum (378 X $300 + Installation) $125,000
Carpet Replacement in Forum $40,000
Gymnasium floor, wall coverings and scoreboard $100,000
Covered access connecting Centrum to Yorkminister handicapped parking $40,000
Covered access connecting Annex/Gymnasium to rear parking lot $60,000
Covered access connecting Middle Building to Circular Driveway $40,000
Refurbishing and repair of Annex/Gymnasium (includes, commercial kitchen and restroom renovation, carpet and interior flooring) $75,000
Replacement and augmentation of lighting in Forum & Centrum $90,000
Replacement and augmentation of Forum sound system $35,000
Exterior Security Lighting $25,000
Landscaping $10,000
Total Capital Renovation, Repair and Improvements $573,000