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DIRECTIONS:     Click here to view the Google Map

I-45 north, exit Rankin/Kuykendahl, turn left under freeway, proceed to intersection with Kuykendahl, then turn right. Proceed north, cross 1960, to Cypresswood. Turn left on Cypresswood and continue west, to Yorkminster.   The Centrum is the closest building to the street, between the Barbara Bush Library and the Harris County Courthouse Annex.

  • ***Alternately, continue north on I-45 and exit FM 1960, turn left under freeway, and continue west to Kuykendahl, then turn right (north) and proceed to Cypresswood.

Beltway 8 north, exit Hwy. 249, then north to Cypresswood.  Turn right on Cypresswood, go east 4.0 miles.  The Centrum is one block east of Stuebner-Airline on the right. The loading dock is on Yorkminster.



  • Artist’s Dressing Room #1- upstairs stage right
  • Artist’s Dressing Room #2- with shower, upstairs stage right
  • Dressing Room #3-stage left downstairs, 6-10 people
  • Dressing Area #4-4 changing rooms, one bathroom, upstairs, rear stage
  • Dressing Area #5-adjacent building-10 people



  • Rehearsal #1-378 seat performance space with grand piano and tracker organ for warm-up
  • Rehearsal #2- 30X30 area in the Forum with spinet piano
  • Rehearsal #3- 30X40 choral warm-up room with studio piano
  • Rehearsal #4- 30X40 rehearsal space with spinet piano



  • All arrangements for stagehands are made through Technical Director.



  • See Illustration #1, Area 56.5’ wide and 6’ deep pit in front of a stage.

For more information contact the Technical Director.


HOUSE CAPACITY:  887   (943 with additional seating)

  • Orchestra————–  476
  • Orch. Vineyard——-110
  • Balcony Vineyard—- 80
  • Balcony—————– 211

ROAD PERSONNEL:  The Centrum requests that all road personnel who work in front of the house, such as Sound and Light Board operators, wear appropriate clothing while in the house during the run of the production. Please, no shorts, hats or sleeveless shirts.

STAGE DIMENSIONS: See illustration #2

  • Height: Cathedral (no fly or curtain) 59’
  • Width: 56.5’ (extending to 87.5’ on sides to entrances)
  • Depth: 20’ to 17’ (after the center 20’)
  • 4 permanent stage risers at rear of stage, 14” high, 40” wide w/recess for music stands

Truck LoadingEntrance from Yorkminster. 

  • Room for one vehicle at the dock.
  • Loading Dock Door  20” off ground, 6‘ wide, 8‘ tall
  • Ramp up to work area 13’ wide and 25’ Long (+ street
  • Work area is 20’ X 7.5’
  • Doors from work area to stage is 7’ X 7’


75 Instruments

Available above stage (fixed and inaccessible positioning)

  • 96 channel- 2.4 kW dual CD80sv Dimmer Bank (48cap.3 phase, 4 wire 90-270 v)
  • Overhead-32 fennels  HPL 575W
  • Side Stage-16 fennels  HPL 575W

Front-of-House Cove Positions (movable only if returned to original positions)

  • 16- Fennels, deuces and color frames
  • 7- Lekolite 20° (6X16)  Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlights (500-1000 W) and color frame
  • 6 Smart Jack Receptacle for portable stations
  • 2 Receptacle Station-DMX(D5M)
  • ETC Express 24/48 with flat panel monitor


General Building Specifications

  • Amperes: 1600
  • Volts: 480
  • System: 3 phase, 4 wire
  • Road Box: ITE Indoor Circuit – 225 AMPS Max

SOUND INVENTORY – September 2013

This beautifully live facility, acoustically sound with minimum amplification, still provides a powerful, diverse sound system.


Booth located left and front of balcony-open construction

Mixing Board

Yamaha M7CL (48 inputs)

  • 14 jacks from stage (14 floor boxes w/AC)
  • 12 jacks Choir/riser area (6- right, 6- left)
  • 8 jacks on performing balconies throughout the facility
  • Williams Assistive Listening System for hard of hearing


Main cluster (split left and right)   

  • Renkus-Heinz CEMH95 fill for house
  • Renkus-Heinz SR81/9 enclosure for Vineyard
  • Renkus-Heinz CELF 12-1 Low-frequency enclosure
  • EAW JF60 system  Front fill
  • Lowell CT 830/T70 ceiling speakers

House: 4- Bose  802

Remote speakers:  Lobby, Brides Room, Office, Equipment Room

Amplifiers and EQ

OSC –CX12, CX12T, and CX6 Power Amplifiers

Lyntec PDS8  Power Sequencer


6-   Sennheiser Wireless Handheld Microphones (Additional available upon request)


CD-RW900 CD Recorder

Numark CDN 22 Dual CD player.


Arrangements for augmentation of existing sound and lighting system can be made not to exceed a level to be set by Centrum director.

House Lighting is a general stage wash with capabilities of adding up to a maximum of 4 Super Trooper Spots.  Augmentation is limited to the addition of colored gels for cove lighting, moveable spots and other equipment that can be reasonably accomplished within agreed budget and through existing power sources. House Stage power and lighting configuration will not accommodate complex lighting design.

The venue is a very beautiful concert stage setting with no curtains or scrims, oak flooring and four tiers of built-in orchestral-width risers.

Marley flooring can be brought in for acts involving dance.  Riser width can be expanded with staging.  Staging can be brought in at an additional charge to extend the front depth of the stage by 6′.

Sound is beautifully live, natural acoustic setting with minimum amplification required.  Modest level stage monitoring produces excellent results.  High level stage monitoring is detrimental to proper showcasing of performers.