Emergency Info

Maps are posted throughout the complex; room guides may be viewed by clicking the link above and evacuation maps can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail images below.

Evacuation Maps | Designated Safety Areas | Emergency Communication

Emergency Equipment/First Aid Supplies Locations | Other Related Information

EVACUATION MAPS – Including emergency notations (click to view larger images)


Department of Homeland Safety suggests that all businesses and public gathering places designate those interior building areas with fewest windows and exterior door and window openings as “safety” locations in the event of acts of war, or terrorism. Church and community center spaces closest to meeting “safety” criteria are as follows:


Annex Building:

  • Upstairs interior hallways and bathrooms
  • All Downstairs bathrooms and hallways
  • Persons in downstairs locations who are able to move to upstairs interior hallways and restroom areas should do so. Those in downstairs locations who must seek more immediate shelter should move to downstairs locations.


Middle Building:

  • Upstairs restrooms located on courthouse side of building and the upstairs office area reception room.
  • Upstairs Bride’s Room and adjacent restroom located on County Library side of Middle Building and Upstairs Library
  • Downstairs interior main secretarial offices (on County Courthouse side) and downstairs pre-school classroom backstage area.


Centrum/Sanctuary Building:

  • All restrooms upstairs and down and Conference/ Bride’s Room restroom and Centrum Kitchen.
  • Downstairs backstage areas
  • Upstairs interior hallways and baptistry areas and hallways, Pastor’s Study and Groom’s Room
  • The Centrum/ Sanctuary auditorium


Annex Building: Gymnasium large storeroom

Middle Building: Backstage area adjacent to church main offices

The Centrum Building: Backstage area underneath white table between rear stairwell and rear rehearsal area


Emergency Supplies in each of the three building locations include:

  • Flashlight
  • Duct tape and plastic sheeting
  • First Aid kit
  • Water
  • Tool kit
  • Telephone instrument to be plugged into designated fax lines
  • Battery-operated radio — 740 AM is the National Disaster Information Station


In the event that electrical power is lost but telephone lines are operating, there are direct lines (noted on all maps) into which stored emergency telephone instruments may be plugged. These instruments are stored in equipment locations. These designated fax/phone lines bypass the electrically operated network system.

Annex Building:

  • Cypress Creek Christian Preschool offices regular telephone and fax lines 281/251-KIDS
  • Interface-Samaritan Counseling Offices telephone and fax lines 281 376-8006

Middle Building:

  • Downstairs Offices Workroom Fax line 281/370-5641

Centrum Building:

  • FACE fax line located in upstairs Pastor’s Study 281-320-8359
  • Internet Website Interactive Communication located at Community Center
  • Secretary’s Desk: where website emergency page can be updated in-house and email accessed. Requires that electrical power and DCL telephone lines be operative.


Ventilation System Control Switches:

  • In the event of a biological attack, ventilations systems should be turned to the “off” position in each area of the facility. (See Maps for location of control panels marked).
  • Plastic sheeting and duct tape found in the storage area for emergency equipment and supplies marked Ì should be used to seal door openings.

Each building is equipped with emergency lights that automatically light in the case of power outage. All fire extinguishers are serviced regularly.

Preschool and Children’s Sunday School classes should participate regularly in evacuation drills for both orderly evacuations of the facility and orderly movement to “safety” locations.