Our Mission

The mission of the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center is to elevate the quality of life for the residents of northwest Houston. The Center is a catalyst for creating and encouraging the programs and activities of non-profit organizations serving the social, educational, cultural, and spiritual needs of our community.


When Cypress Creek Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was established in April of 1972 the congregation decided that they did not want to build a structure that would be occupied just on Sunday mornings. The congregation decided that one way of revealing God’s unconditional love to the world would be to use its buildings to elevate the quality of life, not just for the congregation, but for the entire community.

Therefore, the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center was created to use the buildings as an outreach tool of ministry for caring for God’s people. We seek to determine, with the help of the community, the specific human needs of our neighborhood, actively soliciting organizations that will help meet these needs and give them a home. Groups who charge for their services or have a means of income are asked to contribute their fair share of the building’s operating costs (utilities and janitorial upkeep). Groups that do not charge for their services are not charged space rental. We believe that by using these buildings as a tool of the mission, we proclaim with John that, “Because He first loved us, let us now endeavor to love one another.”

The two criteria for use of buildings are that organizations be non-profit and that they provide a valuable community service appropriate for the space. Cypress Creek Christian Community Center is a unique community-partnership model for meeting the educational, humanitarian, spiritual and cultural needs of Northwest Houston.

In response to the needs of performing arts groups and community organizations in Northwest Houston, Cypress Creek Christian Church received the donation of six acres of land in 1976 to construct the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center. In March 1976, The Cypress Creek Christian Community Center, Inc., was established as a Texas non-profit corporation. The Community Center Governing Board assumed responsibility for all scheduling of the Community Center facilities. Cypress Creek Christian Church owns and operates the facilities, and as its mission to serving the community makes the facilities available to the more than 160 non-profit user organizations that operate their valuable programs and services through the Community Center.

Enabled by generous grants from foundations such as Houston Endowment, the Brown Foundation, and the M. D. Anderson Foundation, the Community Center opened in June 1978, with a 15,600 square foot building known as The Forum. The Forum houses a 378-seat auditorium, an acoustical gem which is recognized as one of the finest venues for chamber music in the Greater Houston Area. In following years, an 8,000 square foot Annex and a 15,000 square foot Activity Center were added, providing community offices, meeting rooms, and a full-sized gymnasium. In 1997, construction was completed on the 877-seat Centrum—a world-class performance facility which serves as Northwest Houston’s Community Concert hall. Cypress Creek FACE presents a 37-concert series annually which includes performances by the Houston Symphony Orchestra, national, international and local professional artists of excellence. Additionally, there are over 130 school and community concerts and Regional UIL competitions held in the facility each year.

The Community Center is the energizing force within a centralized, civic complex which includes The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Barbara Bush Harris County Library, courthouse annex, and 63-acre park and Cypress Creek Greenway Hike and Bike Trails. This civic and cultural district serves the needs of over 1,000,000 residents of Northwest Houston. Ready access to the Center is assured through its location on Cypresswood Drive between Stuebner-Airline and Kuykendahl, three of the key arteries in the northwest community. The Center is a community-driven concept dedicated to meeting the cultural, recreational, spiritual, and psychological needs of all peoples within its service area.

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Governing Board of Directors

The Governing Board is an eight-member board serving as valuable advocates for the activities and services of Cypress Creek Christian Community Center. The Charge of the Governing Board is to support the mission of the Center which is “…to elevate the quality of life for the residents of Northwest Houston and Harris County.” Under the leadership of the Board, the Center is a welcoming catalyst for creating and encouraging programs and activities in partnership with non-profit organizations serving the social, educational, cultural and social services needs of the richly diverse Northwest Community.

The Board is responsible for scheduling the community center buildings and developing room use policies and fee structures. Board Members serve as a resource in the development of program services and fundraising activities and in communicating the resources offered through the Center to the larger community. The Governing Board is charged with the financial oversight of donated funds and to ensuring that donor funds are expended according to the specifications and designations of the funding organization or individuals and IRS regulations.

The volunteer Governing Board of Directors brings a balance of skills including knowledge of the needs and services provided by user organizations, program services development, financial and legal expertise, marketing and publicity, community leadership, special relationships and experience with non-profit fundraising. Directors are elected to serve a minimum of one year and a maximum of 3 years.

2017 Governing Board of Directors

Nancy Agafitei, Director

Branch Librarian, Harris County Barbara Bush Library, (Ret.)

Gloria Aldridge, Director

 Associate Regional Counsel (Ret), US Dept for Housing and Urban Development

Cindy Doyle, Director

Executive Director Klein Education Foundation

Diane Lipton, Director

Steve Quance, Director

President, Drake Plastics

Rob McQuown, Director

Mike Smith, Director

Ginni Whitten, Director

Norma Lowrey, Community Center Executive Director

Administrative Staff

Norma Lowrey, Executive Director

Responsible for managing and coordinating the various activities of the Community Center.



Event Staff

Staff representatives at community events responsible for overseeing facility operations.

John Gembala

Jesse Oliver